Part of Governor Holcomb’s “Back on Track” announcement last Friday includes provisions for churches to resume in-person worship beginning this coming weekend, May 10, though with serious limitations.

All of us are seeking the right balance between staying safe and going about our daily lives. Accordingly, we will follow the guidelines closely and take all available precautions for coming back to church this coming Sunday. Each of us should only attend and participate as we are comfortable and ready. Before deciding, please stop and consider the needs of others.

Please understand that this Sunday is not a full reopening, or the kind of “return” we would prefer, but just the first phase, or first steps, of many still to come. Please note:

  • Though some will be attending in the sanctuary Sunday, we will continue to offer the service online through Facebook Live as we have over the last several weeks.
  • According to the guidelines, persons 65 or older and those with susceptible health conditions or weakened immunity should stay home and watch online. If you are not sure whether you should attend, give us a call at 765-346-0962 or the church office, 765-342-3558.
  • Only the main front entrance will be used. Please avoid the typical congestion around the doors and entryways by moving on into the sanctuary to your seats. You might arrive a bit earlier to allow each other time to take our turn entering and getting seated by 9:00.
  • Only the two restrooms nearest the front door will be open for use. Soap and water are plentiful, and basic hygiene is a must.
  • For the most part, we will come in for the hour of worship and then depart. At the close of the service, ushers will dismiss us by row to assist us with the importance of safe distancing.
  • We have removed some rows of chairs in the sanctuary to leave more space between rows. You are asked to leave 2 or 3 chair spaces between you and other persons/families/households.
  • We will not have the social hour in the CLC, and classes, choirs and groups will not meet for the near future.
  • We will restrain our natural instinct for handshakes, hugs, etc. and find non-contact ways to greet such as nods and waves. Politely turn down a handshake or hug by crossing your arms in front of you (in the name of Jesus, of course!)
  • Children will remain with parents throughout the service. There will be no childcare, children’s church, or Sunday School.
  • Tithes and offerings will be received in baskets placed at prominent locations. You may continue to give online, by mail, and by making arrangements with the church office.
  • Door greeters and ushers will be stationed to help minimize contact with door handles and other surfaces.
  • Please continue good hygiene measures, especially washing hands or using hand sanitizer, plenty of which will be available in the lobby and near entrances.
  • Wearing face masks is not required, but you are welcome to do so.

While absolute safety is impossible, we believe we can find a healthy balance with these measures that we hope will be temporary. We will do our best to communicate as we go forward, and you are always welcome to contact us with questions or comments.

Thank you for your ongoing support and faithfulness to God and His Church during these strange and difficult weeks. Let us patiently and hopefully look forward to many more days of worship, growing, fellowship, and outreach. By God’s grace, we will pass this test and emerge better and stronger than ever.