A generous and faithful donor has offered to match any and all gifts to the Building Fund for the purpose of paying off the loan balance for our new church by the end of this year. The original matching gift was for 2015, but because of denominational issues, the 2015 campaign was postponed and the gift offer extended through December 31, 2016. This means that we have about five months to realize the possibilities of a matching gift up to half the current mortgage balance of $635,000. With building funds on hand, that means our remaining goal is $300,000.

Every dollar given for debt retirement between now and December 31, 2016 will be doubled. For example, a $25 weekly gift would in effect be $50. A one-time gift of $500 would become $1000. A sale of some asset or conversion of an investment account or some other unexpected income could instantly be doubled when given to the church. Just think what a gift of $5000 or $10,000 or even more could become.

We must realize, of course, that the matching gift opportunity ends at the end of this year. Can we and will we make the most of this opportunity God is giving our church?

But WAIT! There’s MORE! We have ANOTHER MATCH!

There’s a second match. Another generous matching gift has been offered up to $50,000 from now to September 30. This means that any and all giving to the Building Fund for debt retirement for the next two months will be matched, in addition to the original match. This means that for August and September, your Building Fund gift will be 3-for1! A $100 gift now becomes $300. A $20 gift now becomes $60. A $1000 gift becomes $3000. A gift you may have been considering later on will be tripled if you give in the next 8 weeks.

How can we possibly let such a great opportunity pass us by? I know of very few ways to get a 200% return on your giving investment in just two months. You can do it instantly.

But the return is not just financial. Giving to God and His Church is an investment in people, in changed lives, in offering hope to hurting people, in teaching children and youth, and reaching out to our community in mission and service. Just think how much more we will be able to do once we are debt free.

With the debt paid, money now going to the building fund could go to present and future ministries that have been put off for financial reasons. For example, there are building maintenance and repair needs on the horizon. Perhaps we could begin thinking about a building addition or other improvements to our church property.

We could direct more giving to mission outreach both here in our community and in places beyond. A neighboring church partnered with a church in South America to build a new church for Christ there. Why couldn’t we do something similar?

What dreams could become reality once the building debt is behind us? Just imagine what we could be free to accomplish for God and bringing the Good News to people, which after all, is what our giving is all about.

Much more information and details will be shared in upcoming weeks, but let us now begin to pray, give, and believe in God and each other. “To God be the glory, great things He has done,” and great things He is certain to do in our church in days and weeks to come.