Pastor’s Message about worship tomorrow, March 15
We will be having worship tomorrow at 9 am. However, I have gone back and forth this week about what would be best in light of the Covid-19 virus situation, and have asked for advice from some of our health professionals, from our church and conference leaders, and from other pastors and churches. The governor has directed there be no events or gatherings with over 250 people, and our average attendance is just short of 200. It will likely be less tomorrow as some of us should choose to stay home because of illness, because we are in one of the risk categories that have been announced, or because of our personal choice and concern.

I can tell you that our church’s outstanding custodial staff has made extra effort in cleaning surfaces and restrooms. Also, in the interest of what’s being called “social distancing,” we will forego contact like handshakes and hugs, and instead wave, nod, or some other non-contact manner. For that reason, we will not have the refreshment/snack time in the CLC tomorrow. Small groups and Sunday School classes may decide among themselves whether they will meet at the 10:30 hour or join with another class, depending on attendance. We will not be serving communion until Maundy Thursday at the earliest. Also, we are working to post a video of our service online and will share that information when we do so.

We believe the people of God and God’s church need to be open and available in this time of need, anxiety, and uncertainty. It’s not only being at the church building, but a time for us to be the church of Jesus in reaching out to vulnerable or homebound neighbors and friends who may need help with errands or other support.

But whatever you feel is best for you and your family concerning church attendance, know that regardless of your location we will be lifting you up in prayer and ask that you do the same for each other.

The church building is open to you daily for prayer and meditation during hours when few people are present. Also, feel free to call Pastor Becky or me to talk or have prayer over the phone or read Scripture together. The church number is 765-342-3558.

Let us pray for each other and for our country and our leaders, and especially for all who suffer and are endangered by this virus outbreak.